Know more about Global task list for Podio

Global task list for Podio is an integration made by Phases. You can use it to view all shared tasks in all organizations your are a part of in Podio.

Podio is an online, social platform where companies can manage and collaborate projects and information. Being very intuitive and easily manageable, Podio gives companies a new way to communicate and cooperate, both internally and externally with clients.

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  • Can users in my network on Podio see my private tasks?

    Every task that has been set to 'Private' instead of 'Shared' will not be shown on the Global Task List.

  • Is this integration free to use?

    The basic features of the integration are completely free - however some features are only for premium users.

  • Why can I not export my Global Task List as a PDF or Excel sheet?

    These are paid features. See our pricing for more details.

  • If I encounter a problem or have any questions, how can I contact you?

    You can contact us through this contact form here. We are always happy to receive any suggestions for improvement or help you have encounter an issue.